Sunday, 14 September 2014

Questions Any Ordinary Woman Would Ask....

It’s 6.10 am on Sunday 14th September 2014 and I open my back door to let the cat out. It's a beautiful, calm, warm morning, the eastern horizon glowing pale peach, fading to warm grey. It’s going to be a stunning sunrise - or it ought to be.…

But, from the direction of the sunrise, a surprisingly even set of parallel aeroplane trails has been deposited and is fanning westward, backwards over my head, already beginning to congeal and veil the pale blue pre-dawn sky. I can even see a few silvery stars, still twinkling bravely through the artificial gloom.

If I were a grandmother, or a mother, or a father - I’m none of those but I am a loving aunt - I’d be asking these questions - hell, I AM asking these questions:

Who does this?

Why do they do it?

Is it safe?

Who pays for it?

Is it good for our children’s health? Or ours? How do they know? How can I find out?

Why are they allowed to block out our blue sky and sunshine, day after day after day, and why would they want to?

Why does it happen on some days and not on others?

Why are there days when it’s there in the morning, then stops?

Why are there some days when I can watch the aeroplanes laying down a criss-cross grid from morning ’til night and even after dark?

Why are there nights when I can hear the drone of the aeroplanes overhead, hour upon hour, in the small hours?

Why is there no discussion about it in the newspapers and on TV?

You’d almost believe that it’s a taboo subject, wouldn't you?(!)

Even if these were ordinary aeroplane condensation trails I’d ask: is this pollution safe? What’s it doing to our atmosphere? How is it affecting the birds, the insects, the plants, us? 

After all, do you remember how long and how loudly all the hoo-ha about lead in paint and petrol raged? All the statistics we had to swallow and digest, about its effects upon human health and the environment, and the eventual changes made in the composition of fuel and paint?

Now there's all this hoo-ha about man-made emissions and their alleged causative effect on global warming: how do I know that this aerial pollution isn’t the very thing that’s doing it, if no-one is telling me it isn't and providing good scientific evidence that it isn't?

Why no media fuss? Why no politicians using this issue to raise their profile and enhance their reputation?

Surely I’m not the only ordinary person asking these questions?

But they’re not ordinary condensation trails, are they?

Many times I have stood and watched as two aeroplanes have moved across the blue sky, one leaving the thick, white streak which remains for hours afterwards, joining its fellows to create the now-familiar Milk of Magnesia white-out. The second aircraft’s trail has disappeared, often after a few seconds but is always gone in well under minute. 

I have watched this. I have taken pictures of this. But I don’t know what to do with them, because no-one who could help wants to know.


Am I the only one who wonders? Am I the only one who worries?

I didn’t vote for this. No-one asked me if it was OK. But one thing I can’t help thinking:

If it were good news, they’d be making sure the media told us, loudly and often.

Or maybe, if it were good for us, they wouldn’t be doing it anyway......

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fear and Bad Science....

I have been thinking a lot recently about fear. As I explored my own fearful feelings, I realised that we seem to have have co-created a culture which generates and fosters the human emotion of fear as a widespread "default" response to everyday living. Fear of war; fear of global warming; fear of being alone; fear of debt; fear of being out of a job; fear of homelessness; fear of being fat; fear of being ugly; fear of being ignored; fear of catching 'flu, or measles, or of developing cancer; fear of growing old. Not forgetting the biggest fear of all, and the least discussed: fear of dying, which is the deep tap root nourishing all the others.

Even the BBC, which many (but not I!) regard as the one remaining bastion of truthful investigative journalism, seems to adopt the stance that there is much to be afraid of. I encourage you to listen closely to the language which even seasoned journalists/presenters on BBC Radio 4's "The Today Programme" use: the "threat" of global warming; “energy security", with the presumption that this too is “under threat” (another favoured buzz-phrase) rather than being a practical problem to be solved. Then there is “the danger" of refusing the MMR vaccination for your child - not merely because your child might contract "potentially fatal" measles for example, but also because it will inevitably "damage” something they refer to as “herd immunity"; ditto the "risks to vulnerable groups" of not having an annual 'flu jab; it goes on and on...

Which brings me to the real point of this article, which is that all this fear-mongering is often based upon very shaky scientific foundations. I am regularly dismayed by the willingness of perfectly intelligent journalists to accept at face value, without apparent investigation or even obvious questioning, the "scientific evidence" for the fear-inducing statements they are making.

Take climate change for example: do they know that there is perfectly legitimate scientific data to support the view that, historically, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere do not precede increases in global temperature, but rather, follow in their wake? Even for the least scientifically-minded person, this ought at least to cause them to investigate for themselves the now widely-accepted "scientific" view that global warming is "caused by" an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere produced by processes under human control. Especially when one’s attention is drawn to the fact, as mine recently was, that there is plenty of data available to show that that the amount of carbon dioxide thus produced, when expressed as a proportion of the total carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, is mathematically negligible!

As for measles: at no time did I hear anyone mention, during those panicky news reports providing a half-hourly running total of newly-reported cases of measles in Swansea, the following inconvenient fact: that the incidence of death from measles in the population of this country fell steadily between 1900 and 1970 by a percentage high in the 90s. Therefore the assumption behind the half-hourly advertisements for the MMR vaccination (which was what the reporting amounted to), namely that the relative rarity of fatalities from the disease in recent years is due to vaccination, is a shaky assumption at best. Why? Because vaccination against measles in the UK did not even begin until 1968.  A similar picture emerges from research conducted in the USA and Australia.

The most logical conclusion to draw from this would be that “herd immunity” against measles established itself as a consequence of factors other than vaccination. My money would be on a generally healthier population owing to improved sanitation, cleaner drinking water and and a better and more varied diet. There is very little evidence to demonstrate convincingly that vaccination per se, whether for measles or anything else, actually confers immunity on either the individual recipient or the general population.

This “herd immunity” buzz-phrase, which journalists have recently been using with abandon, has a problem attached to it: namely that the vaccination of individuals does not directly affect the immunity of a population. It so happens that “herd immunity” is still an unproven theory; and furthermore, the basis of that theory is natural immunity and not vaccination. Yet it is being used as a weapon, via the media, to persuade - read “shame”  - parents into having their children and themselves vaccinated. It’s propaganda, pure and simple.

The very idea that vaccinating all those pupils in a comprehensive school, plus the adults surrounding them, who had not previously received the MMR vaccine, would immediately ensure that the immunity of the surrounding population would be secured against the current outbreak, would be risible to any self-respecting doctor, biochemist, biologist, pharmacist or even proud CEO of a global pharmaceutical company.

Not that the latter would object, of course. S/he would just laugh all the way to the bank at the gullibility and sheer incompetence of those members of the global media who act as mouthpieces for this pseudo-scientific nonsense, whilst at the same time providing hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of free advertising for their questionable vaccines; and they would also thank whatever god they worship for a population whose education has failed to provide its members with the tools enabling them to recognise bad journalism  - and bad science - when they are exposed to it.

I would ask this: how many journalists reporting on the recent measles scare would take the time to read even the scientific research actually cited in support of the claims being made for vaccination, in order to determine for themselves whether the conclusions drawn, and thus the claims being made, represent a fair and unbiased interpretation of the data presented?

I would guess that few would; and even fewer would take their research a step further and seek out alternative scientific papers which might have concluded the very opposite. 
And even if they did so, would they have the skills necessary to understand and interpret what they were reading from both points of view, then make a judgement about, inter alia, the efficacy of vaccination in individuals and in the population at large?  

At the risk of being labelled a conspiracy-theorist, I must state that in my view there is little, if any, truly independent scientific research any longer. Science is expensive and someone pays for it; and there can be very few people still ignorant of the fact that the majority of research and testing of vaccines and drug treatments is funded by the pharmaceutical companies which develop and manufacture them.

I recently discovered that there is research in the USA which concludes that the main cause of death in people who have been diagnosed with a medical condition is the medical treatment they receive, including the drugs they are prescribed. Many people die from the so-called “side effects” of the drugs. There has never been an equivalent research project in the UK as far as I know. However, I am in complete agreement with American investigative journalist Eric Francis, whom I recently heard stating in one of his audio blogs that there are no “side effects” from drug therapies: there are just effects

Back to global warming: we never hear, in the mainstream media at least, about the acceptance by some astrophysicists - including some at NASA - of the plethora of scientific data which seems to demonstrate that our entire solar system is heating up. Other planets than our own home globe are getting warmer year on year. Do you really think that Mars, for example, has seen a proliferation of gas-guzzling SUVs in recent decades? (That’s not my original joke: see my link below under "Interplanetary climate change" to a video by David Wilcock.) Or that Venusians take too many holidays by air?

Another phrase I hear bandied about is “climate change denial”. To be a “climate change denier” has become the ultimate insult in this age of government- and corporate-sponsored “green deals” and environmental activism.  But even ignoring the subversive  - and cruel  - echoes of “holocaust denial”, the very existence of the term indicates an over-simplification of the global warming phenomenon.

I personally do believe that global warming is a fact. I’ve seen credible scientific evidence in support of the conclusion that the planet might well be in a long-term cycle of increasing average temperatures. This does not, incidentally, necessarily prevent me from also accepting that there might also be a shorter-term cycle of actual cooling.

But I do not believe that this long term warming effect is the result of man-made carbon emissions. In my considered view, this is propaganda purposely and meticulously designed to pave the way for the manufactured “crisis” we are now living through, in order to justify, inter alia, punitive taxation, artificially high energy costs, increasing reliance upon nuclear power and the imposition of ever-tightening controls over our financial, and hence our social and physical, mobility and individual freedom. Oh, and to fuel the increasing culture of fear.

The real point of this rant is to bemoan the reliance of the average person upon what the mainstream media choose to report, and how, for their information about very important issues affecting our lives. I urge you to question much more: question why they choose to report upon some events and topics and not others; and then question the evidence and conclusions they choose to quote, investigate their sources and find more sources of evidence on the same subject for yourself.  

On the question of my sources: the opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and are the result of my interpretation of the articles and data I have discovered and read as I have indulged my own lines of interest. There is a plethora of source material on the internet and elsewhere on each of these subjects, and I repeat my encouragement that you follow your own noses and research these matters for yourselves. I would not encourage you to accept my conclusions any more than those expressed in the mainstream media! My only wish is that you question what you hear and read, whatever the source, and at least consider whether there is a background agenda at play which might have skewed the emphasis within the conclusions being presented.

Go on, start digging!

The sources cited below are intended to provide starting points to kick-start your own research in relation to the specific topics mentioned above:


Alliance for Natural Health website:

“Death by Medicine” Report:

Eric Francis:

Global Warming:

Interplanetary climate change:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Channelling Truth, or Clouding the Issue? I wonder....


I am very wary of “channelled” messages from ETs and/or “spiritual” entities. Even if apparently genuine, rather than clearly a figment of the overactive imagination of the human interlocutor, I am not convinced that they all have our best interests at heart, even when they believe they do!

For a start, they emanate from such a wide variety of sources, each with its own perspective, which, however high when compared with our own, is still limited. They range from a chatty personal greeting, via a spiritualist medium, from Uncle Fred, recently-passed and currently floating about in the lower levels of the fourth dimension, i.e. relatively close to our own physical reality; to a “message of truth for all humanity” from a member of the lofty echelons of the “Galactic Federation of Light”. Not to mention, in between those two extremes, the myriad new-age promoters of various versions of love-and-light consciousness.

These messages often seem to contradict each other, which shouldn’t surprise us, of course. And, on certain blogs and forums, I’ve read vituperative verbal exchanges between the human champions of particular “spiritual” points of view; which appears to suggest that, in the end, personal egos still win over love and light any day of the week!

But it’s when the source of a message appears to be suggesting that they are going to come in like some eleventh-hour cavalry and “save” the planet and its inhabitants from ourselves that I get suspicious. Isn’t that what our own forebears, for example, the rulers of the British Empire, did when what they really intended was to plunder the valuable natural resources of other continents and exploit their indigenous populations?

And, of course, the ordinary British people fell for – and fell foul of - the fiction that the intention of our ruling class was to “civilise” and “teach” those native peoples, whom they labelled “barbaric” and/or “heathen”, for their own good. Even when this meant that their precious sons and daughters were sent to meet their deaths as the instruments used to impose so-called civilisation by force. Anyone questioning the morality of this was labelled unpatriotic or even treasonous. 

I don’t mean to suggest that all terrestrial or non-terrestrial beings, with or without a physical body, professing an apparently altruistic interest in the plight of humanity and/or delivering an apparently highly “spiritual” message, actually wish to harm or exploit us. I’m sure that many of them really do mean to offer genuine assistance in our hour of need, as perceived from their own evolutionary standpoint. I wouldn’t wish to sound too cynical, unappreciative or ungrateful here!

But I am reminded of those hoards of missionaries, from many denominations, who chose to live comparatively uncomfortable lives in the “colonies”, genuinely and passionately believing that they had been called by God to play a part in saving the souls of the heathen. They willingly dedicated themselves to substituting their spiritual world view in place of the native people's long-held beliefs, labelled “primitive”, or even “demonic” and/or “satanic”, by their new, Christian masters.

Not that there aren’t negative forces at work within every form of spiritual expression in this “Polarity 1.01” class we call Planet Earth. But it is my opinion that no single belief system has the monopoly on spiritual truth or moral rectitude, or the right to impose their beliefs on others, by force or otherwise.

We in Britain are now facing the consequences, here in our own homeland, of our historic apathy and passivity in the face of the increasingly questionable controls imposed incrementally upon us ordinary folks over recent decades. But even in the face of clear evidence presently unfolding, most of us seem happy to remain on our sofas, clutching our comfort blankets of denial.

For example, even if, like me, you choose not to watch TV, it has still been impossible to escape the story now being rolled out of a gigantic executive “snafu” in the provision of security arrangements for the Olympic Games. The culmination of this alleged sorry mess is to be the subjection of British citizens and our guests to armed military control while attending, or competing in, the various sporting and associated events in and around London.

I don’t doubt that people will have listened, with eye-rolling incredulity, to reports which appear to suggest dribbling incompetence on the part of those whose job it has been to design and manage the systems necessary to ensure the safe and smooth movement of spectators, competitors, residents and workers around the capital during the Games. But I wonder if other listeners have, like me, inwardly questioned the truth of the media story itself?

Am I the only person to have wondered whether, in fact, this "snap" decision to send in the army, apparently to solve the problem allegedly caused by an internal HR fiasco within a private sector security company, was actually the real intention from the outset? Does anyone else harbour the niggling feeling that they left it just a fraction too late to launch this story in the mainstream media to permit its complete plausibility? 

After all, Lord Coe, and the human and financial resources at his disposal, whilst no doubt not unlimited, have been hard at work for the past – what, 7 years?  - organising the 2012 Olympics. I, for one, find it hard to swallow the story that this “problem” with the chosen security provider has only revealed itself now that it’s too late to work up an alternative, non-military solution. Surely there would have been warning signs for some time, obvious to anyone actively involved on either side of the security contract?

And, if my personal suspicions are based upon even the smallest grain of truth, are we, the British people, happy to accept without question what verges upon martial law in our capital, for the sake of a sporting event, albeit a multifaceted and internationally significant one? And, furthermore, can we be sure that the military presence will just melt away when the Olympic closing ceremony is over, as if it had never been there at all?

We have also recently seen indisputable evidence that we have been robbed blind for generations by the very banking/monetary system into which almost most people's money, whether earnings or state benefits, is now paid. This state of affairs has been actively and blatantly encouraged and manipulated by government, not only via the introduction years ago of our privately-owned and -run fiat money system, relying as it does upon the concept of debt for its very existence; but also via the gradual removal of any practical alternative to mechanised personal banking, coupled with incentives, subtle or otherwise, designed to ensure that direct debit is our chosen method of payment of all utility and tax bills.

Yet most of us still seem to believe and trust that the “powers that be” have our interests at heart and will continue to take care of us all if the balloon goes up. Even though no real, fundamental alternative to our failed and discredited financial system is yet being mooted, or even discussed very openly, we are still apparently happy to rely upon the very same people who have created the problem to come up with a credible solution.

What on earth will it take to shake us out of our passive and complacent dream-state?

There is, of course, a growing technologically literate sector whose members are increasingly relying upon the alternative, web-based media for their information. These, if you can find them in amongst the deluded dross, provide almost the only remaining publishing arena for genuinely investigative journalists, dedicated to disseminating what they have been able to discover about what is really going on on the planet, including the increasingly unbelievable shenanigans of the ruling elite. 

But even  - or maybe especially – within that sector of the media, as global changes, both physical and fiscal, seem to be approaching a climax, I perceive a dangerous vulnerability to believing in any credible-sounding suggestion that “the cavalry is coming”. Whether this takes the form of some renegade group of disillusioned military types, allegedly lurking within the U.S. corridors of power, or of some highly spiritually- and/or technically-evolved saviour ET race, too many otherwise intelligent adults seem willing to believe that someone is going to arrive soon to chase away the baddies and take care of us, just because they’re nice guys.

I don’t believe that this is going to happen, any more than I believe that our banks or governments can any longer be trusted to act in the interests of individual customers/ citizens, even though we still pay them to do just that.

There is a growing fog of deliberate dis- and mis-information out there, not to mention plain misunderstanding of what is presently occurring and how we ought appropriately to respond as intelligent, adult individuals. Not that I claim any clear understanding myself: I am as dazed and confused as the next person most of the time. What I do feel certain of, however, is that no violent act of any kind will get anyone remotely close to where - or how - they'd like to be. 

A mature sense of individual responsibility, coupled with careful discernment, is the most important route to discovering solutions, I think. It is incumbent upon each of us to consider every new piece of information or “message”, whatever the source, with the heart as well as the intellect, and test it for resonance with the truth of our own sovereign soul.

After that somewhat wordy caveat, here’s a short and simple little video, the link to which had recently been published on Conscious Media Network when I checked in this morning. It’s James Gilliland on the ECETI website – not one I know much about, but he seems like a genuine and thoughtful person – talking about a very recent “download” he’s received concerning the changes presently occurring on the planet, and how best to go about dealing with them at an individual level.

This message certainly resonated with me this morning, if only because it emphasises the need to take individual responsibility for creating our own personal solutions. But you decide!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Gardener's World Live at NEC, Knitted Beetroot and more Morris Traveller Lovers......

Another inspiring plants and gardening show experience to follow my RHS Chelsea post a couple of weeks ago... 

A weary-looking DFS at Gardener's World Live!
The British Plant Nursery Guide Stand at NEC
As soon as RHS Chelsea and the Jubilee kerfuffle had died down, my friend Gilly of the British Plant Nursery Guide rang to tell me that the RHS had asked her to provide a feature stand for them at the BBC Gardener's World Live show at NEC last week, and could I help out again? Naturally I said yes, partly because I'm a great fan of Gardener's World and Montagu Don - not in the same way that I'll bet most of you females out there are! Of course I have eyes, and he is very easy on them. But for me, his appeal lies more in his unselfconsciously relaxed, non-showbiz style of presenting, his uncompromising environmental credentials and his integrity, which shines through it all.

I also remember the "Monty Don" range of costume jewellery which seemed to adorn all the catwalk and magazine models during the early 1980s. It was the flavour of the moment for a time, and stars, celebrities  - even royalty  - wore its bangles, necklaces, earrings, all glitzy and over-sized, very much like the 1980s decade itself! Think Dynasty, Dallas, big shoulders, big hair, lots of bling (except I don't think "bling" was a word back then...). I also recall reading that after the business, which he and his wife Sarah ran together, went bankrupt when the recession hit in the early '90s, he said that he intended to pay back every one of the business's creditors. They sold their lovely home, their furniture, everything. And I'll bet he kept his word too! 

As well as his much-publicised stroke, Monty Don suffered for many years from depression, something which I battled with too, during my teens, 20s and 30s. Thankfully I've been virtually free of it since undergoing 3 years of analytical psychotherapy during my early 40s. In my case, therapy was actually a specific requirement of a very rigorous psychodynamic counselling diploma training I did back then. It's so inspiring to read about other people who are living extremely effective, productive and successful lives and maintaining marvellous, supportive relationships, having found non-pharmaceutical ways of dealing with the demon depression.

I met and spoke to so many warm, funny and interesting people during my two days (Thursday and Saturday) at the NEC show. As at Chelsea, the main draw to the stand was the restored Morris Traveller from the Morris Minor Centre in Bristol; and, again, grown men cried at the sight of it! These iconic cars really do seem to trigger a wave of deep nostalgia in so many people. My own first car was an ice blue 1965 ("C" Reg.) Morris 1000, which I learned on as a first year teacher, then managed to write off in early 1979, not long after passing my test. I spun on black ice in a sudden blizzard and ended up securely wedged via the back bumper on the central barrier on the raised section of the M5 southbound. 

The lovely Avon & Somerset Police officers who came to my aid had my poor moggie towed to the garage at Gordano services, and eventually I ended up accepting £50 for the car from the mechanic there! The officers kindly drove me to Weston-Super-Mare station so that I could get the last train train back to Exeter, where I briefly lived back then. 

I'd like to think that there at at least bits of my car still in service!

Gilly with Phillipa admiring the now-famous "Chelsea Buns"!
Another attraction to the stand at NEC was the "Chelsea Buns", as Alan Titchmarsh had dubbed them at Chelsea. These beautifully knitted and delicately beaded cupcakes really seem to have hit the spot with many female visitors to the stand. It's so wonderful how so many people, younger women in particular, seem to be rediscovering the old household crafts, in the wake of several generations who seem to be intimidated by the idea of threading a needle to take up their jeans! 
Across the way from the British Plant Nursery Guide was a stand which offers positive proof that times are indeed a-changing, and women are rediscovering their innate creativity and expressing it in innovative and surprising ways. The "Pest of British: Knitted Vegetable Garden" at NEC was a brilliant and witty example of this, and clearly struck a chord with people, judging by the impenetrable crowd surrounding it, particularly on the Saturday! 

I particularly love the authentic-looking felted wool pebbles!
Beetroot - yum!
I had a couple of inspirational talks with the lovely Phillipa England  (in photo with Gilly, above), an inspiring creative artist involved in this highly original project, and a clear motivating force for "Creative Moments", the women who crafted the garden, and one of the groups operating out of Perry Common Community Hall. Click on Phillipa's name above to see her blog entry showing photographs of the work in progress prior to the Gardener's World Live show. She made the lovely felted wool pebbles - my favourite thing in their garden! I also liked the beetroot, which are my least favourite veg. to eat....

Talking to Phillipa, I recognised a kindred spirit in that we both get really excited by people getting in touch with their authentic creativity and expressing it out there in the world. Speaking for myself, I'd even go so far as to say that this is the only thing we really have to do at this stage in the evolution of the human race on planet earth! This is the message I'm trying to convey via Soulport, and if you are trying to do just that for yourself, please share your story there via the Contact page, to inspire others, show them that they're not alone, and grow the Soulport community like mushrooms!

Another inspiring person I spoke to at NEC was a young photographer called Alexander Ford.  I spotted him taking lots of photographs of the Morris Traveller, and having wandered over for a chat, discovered that - in the way that conversations seem to progress these days - we felt the same way about how important it is for all of us, right now, to get on with doing what we signed up to do in this lifetime - and if not now, then when?!  I'm hoping that he will share a little of his own interesting story on the Soulport site.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Dame is Back.. RHS Chelsea and that Venus Transit

I'm back after a long silence. Lots has been going on for me, mostly inwardly-focused rather than actual activities out there in the world! But there have been one or two, like my visit to Chelsea for the RHS Flower Show 2012 .....

This was my first trip to London in ages. I went up to help my friends at The British Plant Nursery Guide on their stand at Chelsea  - very exciting, as I had always wanted to visit the show but had never managed it. This was the second year the Guide had been represented at Chelsea, and their quirky stand drew RHS recognition both times. The stand, like the website, had a vintage theme, including an iconic, beautifully-restored Morris Minor Traveller kitted-out for a "Jolly Jaunt". Grown men were tearfully overcome by nostalgic memories of childhood picnics in the family Morris or of their own first car. 

It was a great opportunity and fantastic fun! Exhausting though: during that amazing, pre-Jubilee heatwave I was on duty in the cute little shop, madly keeping up with the huge demand for "jubilicious" knitted cupcakes - dubbed "Chelsea Buns" by Alan Titchmarsh when he and Rachel de Thame chatted about them on the BBC's Monday coverage. After that, people from all over the world beat a path to the stand and we sold out!

The Chelsea shop till...
I had such a blast that I am happy to report that I've been asked to help out at the next show, this time at Birmingham NEC. I'm not certain yet precisely which days I'll be there, but probably towards the end of this coming week and into the weekend.

People who love plants and gardens are my kind of people. I love being around them and the many independent businesses in which they are involved. The British Plant Nursery Guide's own ethos is very much in support of such businesses, all of which seem to resonate with the personal passion and sheer soulfulness of their owners.

This is the message which my own website Soulport is intended to propagate - pun definitely intended! I've spent this week updating the website in order to create a platform and focal point for my Soulport Coaching work. I'm very excited about it! Absolutely everything I've learned to date, professionally and personally, is now to be woven together and offered in service to people who are responding to a loud and insistent call from within to change their lives. I am particularly interested in helping people transform their work, so that it becomes a direct expression of their passionate, creative selves, wholeheartedly and soulfully. This is the fundamental message of Soulport.

It is surely no coincidence that I have been inspired to do this during these few days following the transit of Venus, which won't be seen again from planet Earth for more than a century. I was one of the few lucky people in the UK who managed to get a brief glimpse of it! This involved setting my radio alarm for 4.30 a.m. on Tuesday 6th, making a large flowery china bucketful of freshly-filtered and very strong black fair trade organic, pulling a baggy khaki parka over my long pink terry dressing gown, shoving my feet into warm socks and plastic gardening clogs, rolling up my PJ bottoms and heading outside. 

Thus equipped, and remembering to put my celluloid eclipse glasses into my pocket at the last minute, I waded through the soggy, overgrown grass to the garden wall, slopping coffee and determinedly holding on to hope in the face of a very discouraging weather forecast. Winnie-the-Cat kept me company, his brother Ollie having remained, snoring gently, among the warm folds of my duvet. Win trotted purposefully down the garden ahead of me, tail aloft, springing up on to the wall to join me in the vigil.  

I watched the eastern horizon for signs of the sun as it rose behind an apparently unbroken canopy of grey cloud. I suspect, however, that Win's focus was more on signs of awakening mice and voles in the adjoining meadow than on the sunrise!  

Another cup of coffee later, the sky brightened noticeably, and I felt sufficiently heartened to don the eclipse glasses over the top of my bifocals. I was rewarded by a view of the white disc of the sun through the thinning cloud, which was moving quite quickly now, and my heart began to beat faster.... Then, magically, I felt a burst of warmth on my bare face and hands as the clouds parted, unmasking the sun. As I squinted and peered, I saw it: that minuscule black spot, right there, towards the top right-hand side of the sun's rim. 

I'd been blessed with a clear, complete view of Venus, just in the nick of time before it moved close enough to the end of its transit to pass across the sun's rim and disappear into the glare of the daylight sky. Elated, I trudged back up the garden to the cottage and made breakfast - it was still only 6 a.m., but that's not unusual. My one regret is that I didn't take my camera out with me. I am left with the sneaking suspicion that if I'd just placed it on top of the wall and clicked the shutter I'd have captured that magical, historic moment forever....

....But I didn't, so will just link you to my favourite website, Planet Waves, which showed a gorgeous photograph of a view of the transit of Venus from Athens

I've added a few snaps of my Chelsea Flower Show trip though - warm memories which will probably always be linked in my mind with the 2012 transit of Venus and the re-launch of Soulport.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Another e-mail, this time to an old school friend, dated 3 February, in which I rave about an interview with Foster Gamble, recently posted on Conscious Media Network, where Regina Meredith talks with him about "Thrive", his movie documentary which is going viral, both on legitimate DVD and via the web.....I've since watched the movie itself in its entirety (almost 3 hours of it!), and am speechless with awe at its clarity and consistency of message. I need to watch it again before I blog about it, but watch this space.

Hi J,

I hope you and K are well and having fun doing what you enjoy! And keeping warm of's a gorgeous morning here (Note: the photograph above is the one I took at sunrise on Christmas Eve through the window next to my desk. Today's view is equally spectacular). The sun is about to rise into a gloriously clear sky, but I actually had ice on the inside of the living room windows this morning, and Win flatly refuses to go out for his morning pee. He looks up at me as I open the window for him as if to say "You have to be kidding me!" Ollie was out for part of the night anyway, but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd been sitting on next door's Aga...

Further to a few chats we had when you were down, this link will take you to a video which I have been so inspired by that I have watched it twice in succession this evening!

There is a new movie out in the far-flung fields in which I wander (!) called "Thrive". It has been made by a man called Foster Gamble, who was born into THE Gambles of Proctor and Gamble, big global corporation and very much part of the elite nest of family dynasties (along with the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the JP Morgans, etc.) who rule the world, way above government. This is an interview with him.

Because he recognised early on that he did not share his family's spiritually-skewed values, he sold his shares in the family firm and dedicated himself to a different path. He's still very wealthy, but uses his wealth to work for a better world, along with his wife.

The two of them have made the "Thrive" film, which I haven't seen yet, but am going to buy. However, I have now watched Foster Gamble being interviewed twice, and just know that this man is someone I can do business with, so to speak. He's intelligent, articulate, clear-minded and just oozes integrity with every word, and I'll believe in that until proved wrong.

This interview literally came out yesterday, having been recorded a matter of days, if not hours before. The interviewer is the wonderful Regina Meredith, who was once a very successful CNN journalist and news anchor, who eventually got sick to her stomach (as they do) with all the lies and half-truths she was being forced to tell night after night to the American - and later global - public. So she set up Conscious Media Network, to which I have been subscribing for some time, and she specialises in doing long, in-depth interviews with people working in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, ecology, free energy, healing therapies, whistleblowers within government and military "black ops", and such. Her integrity and intelligence are also, I have found, beyond question.

I believe she originally meant to restrict this video to subscribers, because it is preceded on today's home page by a trailer. However, I found I could watch the full interview without first logging in via my user name and password, so assume you can too! If she later restricts it to subscribers, then let me know and I'll let you have my log-in details.

The video does presume a certain amount of prior knowledge and interest in these areas. However, I think that in the current global climate, anyone watching will find it inspiring, intriguing and, most importantly, encouragingly optimistic about the future of the planet and humanity spiritually, ecologically and financially. God knows we could all do with some of that right this minute!

I hope, J, that you  - and maybe K too! - can find an hour in the next couple of days to watch. Let me know what you think?

Love and best wishes,


Partying and Soul-Exploring: Gender, the S-Word and the Churches......

Another long e-mail to P, continuing our exchange, this one dated 26 January 2012...

Hi P

Apologies for gap - have had a flurry of activity and catching up with various things and people, and also organising a weekend away with/to family "up country", which involves birthdays/presents, present wrapping for our deferred Christmas celebration (see photos!), sorting out my wardrobe, arranging a hotel, etc., etc.

I am still not quite there but well down my "to do" list, I'm glad to say, and have also caught up with as much eBay admin. and wrapping as I can for now.

I think you will enjoy W T-Pole's writings, and I have all of them, by the way, so you are welcome to borrow any or all. By his own admission -  as you may already have realised from “My Dear Alexias” -  although devout, "TP" would probably have been hounded out of the church, or even executed as a heretic in earlier times!  As would I, since it would have been impossible to have opted out in the first place...

Thanks for your kind words about my worries over my impending financial  meltdown. I have never had panic attacks in the way you describe, but have spent a great deal of time working on my propensity for low-level fear (partly learned in childhood), as well as learning to deal with my over-sensitivity to other people's negative emotional energy, which I tend to soak up like a sponge.

This was, of course, brought into positive use in my psychodynamic training and counselling work, in that I tend to be able to recognise the darker emotional energies which many are denying, avoiding, or unable to feel. Over time I have learned to distinguish between what is mine and what is not - most of the time, at least - and as well as enabling me to become healthier, emotionally speaking, and support others on their own paths, to some extent, this ability has really come into is own since I have been researching the global control system in the light of the emerging crisis over the past 20 years.

The penny eventually dropped for me that there really has been - for centuries, probably - a deliberate, occult agenda to keep humanity in fear, and thus our individual and collective spiritual vibration low. I have for some years now been learning about, and using, energetic processing techniques to ensure that I no longer succumb, or, at least, not for long. And yes, I entirely agree that, in energetic terms, the invocation of the vibration of love does negate that of fear.

You ask why I didn't become an Anglican. Well, there are certain pre-requisites, at least in theory, the first being that one must be a Christian, which I am not! My dear friend A, who became Bishop of  X (against his own better judgment, and who sadly died far too young), used to say that I believed in God more than he did. He used to call me a "believing pagan" but that was just a shared joke, and he was well aware that I am no more a Pagan than I am a Christian.

He acknowledged to me, at least in the early years of our friendship, that he did not know whether he believed in God or not, but that the church provided him with a moral framework within which he could abide. I feel that for him, as for many people whom I have met and interracted with, his attachment to the church mostly fulfilled an emotional need, in particular the need to feel "safe"; and part of this safety was the ability to judge himself, with some measure of clarity, as "right" (or "wrong") in any given situation or set of circumstances.

I am certain that my own  - brief and temporary -  attraction towards the church (rather than merely working as a professional on the property side, which is what I was doing there) had much to do with my own vulnerability to the need for a "safe haven" at that stage of my life. It coincided with my father's illness and death before the age of 60, and my own issues around my father, and the Father archetype, were very much live ones and vigorously being examined, both consciously and unconsciously, during that period.

This need for emotional safety provided by a source outside ourselves is, of course, shared by most of us in our culture, at least until we become aware of what's happening, and allow ourselves to grow, in emotional and spiritual terms; and part of that involves growing out of the need to judge ourselves as right or wrong, and, inevitably, we then grow in compassion as we stop projecting those internal judgements "out there" onto others. We "take back our projections" as the Jungians would say.

This, I now realise, has been only natural at this stage of the particular evolutionary and experiential trajectory upon which we, the human race, find ourselves, which is based upon learning about energy and, specifically, the polarity thereof. The "powers that be" are fully aware of this, and part of their agenda is, and always has been, to suppress in us the inherent ability to perceive energies clearly, so that we never learn to manipulate and use them to self-actualise fully and so become human adults in the true sense of the word. Only then would we be able to discern and decide, entirely for ourselves, what is right and wrong (and, more importantly, why), and thus assume full responsibility for our own being and our own evolution, during this phase of it at least.

Keeping us spiritually and emotionally immature ensures our continuing dependence upon pseudo parents, in the form of the power system, to make and enforce rules on our behalf; in return for which we surrender our own potency and sovereignty in favour of "the common good", but only as defined by the system, which, as I am beginning to learn, is entirely self-serving.

The amazing and wonderful thing is that they now seem to be dropping all pretence of having our individual interests at heart! The game really is up at long last, and the changes being encouraged into being by those brave souls who are working day and night for the true good of humanity and the planet, will be far, far beyond any of the predictions and speculations floating around the internet "cloud". I truly believe that we are heading for a complete awakening to our own spiritual potential, and very soon.

The controlling elite's main tool of control has been to ensure that we remain "in the dark" about our true spiritual nature as human beings and, to this end, the "religious impulse" was long ago hijacked by the control group. "So far and no further" is the message we have long received in relation to spiritual knowledge and experience. This would explain why any spiritual practice or activity outside those "permitted" have been labelled "satanic" or "demonic" and suppressed and/or punished, so that the culture has, in time, internalised the control mechanism so completely that it will ostracise is own, rather than risk the consequences of turning against the power elite in loco parentis. This "divide and rule" philosophy exploits what would, I suppose, in analytical psychotherapy terms, be Anna Freud's "identification with the aggressor" defence mechanism. All in the name of feeling "safe", i.e. "belonging.

The same principle would work with regard to human sexuality, and for me the terrible tangle the various religious institutions get themselves into over sex, gender and all their associations and ramifications is no accident. Just look at the amount of fear and taboo in our culture around even acknowledging the very experience of sexual feelings! Yes, I agree with you that the church has disappointed over gay bishops - but, speaking for myself, no more than it has over female ones. The day an Archbishop is enthroned, and probably not before, it would be someone's unsavoury task to make it plain to him that he had now become a key servant of the control structure.

In my imagination, the scenario would have been a version of that which, according to rumour, has been played out following the election of an American president: the story goes that the new president is sworn in, then immediately led into a conference room in an anonymous office building, where he is confronted by a round table at which a number of men in dark suits are seated, and shown a video presentation. This contains many things, including certain details about the assassination of President Kennedy, after which the man at the end of the table asks: "Any questions Mr President?" following which the president is led from the room, ashen-faced and shaken.

As I see it, the gay clergy question is only part of the overall question of sex, per se, and gender as they relate to spirituality, which is also all about polarity of energy, this time masculine/feminine. And, of course, the expression of the feminine aspect of the Godhead has always been denied and suppressed within the Christian church. Funnily enough, I once met an interesting intuitive who told me that in her opinion, according to her perceptions, my friend A was actually working with the energy of the divine feminine, rather than the masculine, without actually being consciously aware of that. I have to say that this did not surprise me at all, upon reflection. He was not gay himself, by the way.

Incidentally, I began a blog last summer, which I haven't kept up. I did express some of my thoughts about sexuality (and spirituality) in my entry of 16th June 2011, in case you're short of reading matter again! You generously read my ramblings on the Soulport site, so maybe you might be interested to glance at the results of my short blogging career too. Few have read it, to my knowledge, but it was good practice for me, if somewhat indulgent (as is this!).

To me, at this advanced stage of my own life, the entire concept of being "accepted", or not, by any individual, group, organisation or institution on the grounds of gender or sexual orientation is entirely irrelevant and I can no longer give it my energy. To engage any longer in any fight for "acceptance" would be to acknowledge that, right at the outset, I still buy into the myth of my unworthiness on the grounds that I am neither male nor heterosexual. Actually, I have never been an overt activist in any arena, and as far as women's or gay rights are concerned, I have only relatively recently grown into the realisation of why I haven't.

From quite a young age, all that just felt superfluous to me - even crass; but I always felt slightly guilty about that, as though I were being somehow lazy, or unwilling to commit, or support my fellows and peers. It is only now that I can express myself a little more clearly about it, at least to my own satisfaction. I also acknowledge that the water was muddied by an element of unwillingness to stick my head above the parapet, which stemmed, perhaps, from a more generalised youthful shyness and lack of self-confidence, rather than anything else.

I have been acquainted with several gay priests, and have formed some of my own theories about why there seem to be so many gay men  - and later women - attracted to the priesthood. I believe the percentage to be higher than in the general population. But I also perceive that, for many priests, whether gay or straight, the question of sexuality is often an issue which is sidelined, inadequately addressed and/or actualised in any case - but is this ever dealt with properly, I wonder, anywhere in our culture?

Forgive me for subjecting you to the contents of my overactive and under-educated brain this evening, and do feel free to ignore it all. I don't presume to expect any investment of your precious time and energy in thinking about my pet issues!

Goodnight P, and best wishes,